Class of 2016


Congratulations to the newest members of the BHS Athletic Hall of Fame. The BHSHOF Committee is proud to announce the induction of the class on 2016. The Induction ceremony was held at The Café Escadrille on October 13, 2016



Our newest Inductees are:

Melissa Hanafin – Gauthier         2003        Softball, Field Hockey and Basketball

Bobby Jay                                     1983        Hockey

Kristen Mahoney – Farrell             2003        Softball, Field Hockey, Indoor Track

Christopher McNeil                      2004          Football, Wrestling, Lacrosse

Russell Peterson                          1954          Football, Baseball

Cliff Skelton                                   1965          Football, Baseball

Chris Worob                                  1982          Basketball

Doug Hastings                          Benefactor          Journalist

Ed Gillis                                     Benefactor          Athletic Director

Girl’s Tennis Team                        2005

Congratulations to all of these amazing athletes and supporters.


One thought on “Class of 2016

  1. Ed Lee

    Congratulations to all the players on the girls’ 2005 tennis team, and to Coach Mike Phelan and his staff for their tremendous effort and accomplishments during that memorable season! This honor is much deserved!


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